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Match businesses
with the BizSpot app.

You can find work colleagues based on the professions and regions you have registered. By sharing check-in status and registering your profession, you can expand your network of work colleagues. It is a communication tool that allows you to connect easily before formal emails or exchanging business cards.

ビズスポットアプリで ビジネスマッチング

with the BizSpot app.

Easily Connect and Network Efficiently in BizSPOT's Community, Even if You Hesitate to Join In-person Cross-Industry Networking Events. Connect with and expand your network with people from different industries that you wouldn't normally meet in your daily life, and gather information. If there is mutual benefit, it can also increase opportunities for new business ventures. Please use it as a stepping stone for cross-industry networking and new encounters.


Casual Networking Across Different Industries with the App
Make teleworking

The BizSPOT app also includes a coworking space (spot) reception and payment feature. You can easily check in and make payments using QR code payments. There's no need for complicated check-in procedures or settling bills at the cash register. Enjoy a comfortable experience during teleworking, meetings, and break time.



BizSPOT App Features
ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット
ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット
ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット
Check-in / Check-out
ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット
My Page
ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット

Community (Matching Function)
Messages / Likes

The community is a feature that displays real-time public users of BizSPOT. You can find work colleagues who have the necessary occupations and skills for yourself.

When you find a member you're interested in, tap "Like!" Tap "Send a Message" from the "Like!" list and try reaching out to them. * Depending on your settings, you can limit message sending and receiving only to the users you have liked.

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット

Community(Group Bulletin Board)

You can create groups with specific members such as colleagues from the same company, classmates, people with common interests, or acquaintances, and communicate within those groups. Groups can be created as invitation-only or request-to-join types. Please make use of groups in various scenarios such as internal groupware for companies, school communication tools, and groups based on common interests.

* Only users who have completed identity verification can create groups. If you would like to create a group, please first apply for identity verification from your My Page. However, joining a group is possible even without completing identity verification.

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット

Community (Bulletin Board)

The bulletin board is a communication feature where you can post various recruitment notices and questions. It is categorized into "Seminar/Event Recruitment," "Business-related Questions," "Hobbies/Communities," "Job Openings," and "Job Postings," allowing you to post and view content that suits your needs.

Creating a new bulletin board is very easy. From the bulletin board section within the app, you can select a category and tap on "Create New Post" to create one. In the bulletin board, you can like posts, leave comments, and actively engage in communication.

* Posting on the bulletin board is only available to users who have completed the "Identity Verification" process.

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット


Enhance your profile and make yourself discoverable by your workmates. By registering your profession and skills on your profile page, you can effectively showcase yourself to other members.

You can check the list of members you have liked and the list of members who have liked you from your profile page.

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット

Check-in / Check-out

Checking in and making payments at co-working spaces (spots) is as simple as scanning the QR code at the counter using the app. It's an automatic process, so you don't need to worry about dealing with the cash register. Plus, you can enjoy special discounted prices as an app member, making it even more cost-effective. * Only members who have registered credit card payments are eligible.

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット


You can use coupons to enjoy discounts on co-working spaces (spots). From the list of coupons you have acquired while checking in, tap "Use Coupon" for the coupon you want to use. The coupon will be applied during checkout. * Only members who have registered credit card payments are eligible.

Also, please make sure to take advantage of the coupons that can be used at Accessa nationwide for even more savings!

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット

Premium Membership

The first month is free! Enjoy unlimited access to our special benefits!

Premium membership is a subscription service that offers great benefits for a monthly fee of 990 yen (tax included). More benefits will be added continuously in the future.

  • 【Benefit 1】Get a 10-50% discount on spot usage fees (always).
  • 【Benefit 2】Credit Card Registration Campaign: 50% OFF on usage fees (for 30 days after credit card registration).
  • 【Benefit 3】20% OFF on snacks and frozen foods (available at ACCEA CAFÉ).
  • 【Benefit 4】50% OFF on self-copying services (available at all Accea stores nationwide).
  • 【Benefit 5】5% OFF on all Accea services (limited to ACCEA CAFÉ locations and applicable to in-store orders with BizSPOT Pay payment).
  • 【Benefit 6】Unlimited Monthly Plan (Registered Stores Only): This plan allows unlimited monthly access at registered stores, exclusively for premium members.

* Some conditions may apply to the benefits. Please click the button below for more details. * The discount rate for spots may vary depending on the store. Please note that there may be spots that are not eligible for the discount.

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット

Corporate Shared Plan

The first month is free! Enjoy unlimited access to our special benefits!

The Corporate Share Plan is a subscription service where all share members can receive special benefits, and you can choose a monthly fee based on the number of users. There are many great benefits available, such as a 10% to 50% discount on spot usage fees at any time. Additionally, it is possible to make consolidated payments for all members. * Please note that the discount rate at each spot varies. There are spots that are not eligible, so please be careful.

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット

(Other Payments)

You can now purchase food and beverages available for sale at the spot using credit card payment. On the check-in screen, tap on "Shopping" and scan the QR code of the item. You can then make payment using your registered credit card. Premium members can purchase items at a 20% discount (excluding vending machines). * Please note that it may not be available at certain stores.

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット

BizSPOT Pay payment
(In-store at ACCEA)

You can now make payments with BizSPOT Pay for printing services at ACCEA locations nationwide. Tap "Shopping" on the check-in screen, scan the store's QR code, and enter the payment amount to complete the payment using your registered credit card. When using BizSPOT Pay for payment, the minimum transaction amount is 50 yen (tax included). Please note that even if the amount is less than 50 yen (tax included), the minimum fee will be charged. *At our cafes that are co-located with ACCEA CAFÉ, orders made in-store by Premium members will receive a 5% discount (excluding postcards, stamps, shipping fees, and self-copying).

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット

(Coworking Space Search)

Find nearby spots and enjoy great deals!!! The number of registered spots is increasing rapidly! With the BizSPOT app, you can check in not only in Japan but also at spots around the world. Check the list of spots here!

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット

English Support
(Language Setting)

You can use the BizSPOT app in English. If the language of your device is set to anything other than Japanese, the BizSPOT app will be displayed in English.

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット

BizSPOT's business matching feature: Patent application pending (Patent Application No. 2020-69514)
BizSPOT's check-in and check-out feature: Patent application pending (Patent Application No. 2022-077515)
BizSPOT's temporary exit feature: Patent application pending (Patent Application No. 2022-139702)
BizSPOT's entry feature for non-app members: Patent application pending (Patent Application No. 2022-139701)
BizSPOT's forced check-out feature: Patent application pending (Patent Application No. 2022-152528)
BizSPOT's message setting feature, like setting feature, and the feature to restrict (publish) members' profiles: Patent application pending (Patent Application No. 2022-207263)

Great Deals at Spots!

Credit Card Registration 30-Day Campaign!

Download the app, register your credit card, and enjoy a 20% discount on coworking space (spot) usage fees for 30 days when you make payments through the app. By signing up for a Premium membership, you can enjoy a 50% discount for the first 30 days.

* This offer is available only for those who have downloaded the app and registered their credit card. * When you check in to the coworking space (spot) through the app, the half-price fee will be automatically applied upon checkout.

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット
Great offers at ACCEA stores!

Self-copying at this price, unlimited times!

App members can use self-copying at this price as many times as they like. Download the app, fill in your profile information, and present the app screen during payment to receive a discount.

  • BizSPOT members receive a 20% discount on self-copying services.
  • Premium members receive a 50% discount on self-copying services.

If the total amount for monochrome copies is less than 1 yen, it will be rounded down.

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット
Get coupons through friend referrals!

Get a coupon for 1 hour of free spot usage through friend referrals!

Please also introduce the BizSPOT app to your friends. We will deliver a coupon that allows you and your friend to use a spot for 1 hour for free.

* Please note that there are spots where the coupon cannot be used.

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット
ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット
Business Matching × Co-Working Space
Match businesses with the BizSpot app.
ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット