BizSPOT Pay Payment (at ACCEA stores)

You can now use BizSPOT Pay to pay
for printed materials at ACCEA stores nationwide.

Tap "Shopping" on the check-in screen, scan the store's QR code, and enter the payment amount to complete payment with a registered credit card.

Premium members will receive 5% off when ordering in-store at stores with ACCEA CAFÉ only.
(Excluding postcards, stamps, shipping charges, and self-copies)

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット

How to use

  • STEP1

    Tap Check-in > "Shopping".


  • STEP2

    Tap "Input payment Amount".


  • STEP3

    Scan the store's QR code.


  • STEP4

    Enter the total amount.


  • STEP5

    If Using Points:

    The "Point Use" button is displayed on the shopping cart screen. Tap the "Point Use" button.


  • STEP6

    Set the number of points:

    On the point use screen, set the number of points to be used when checking out and tap "Confirm".


  • STEP7

    Confirm the amount:

    Tap 'Next' and show the amount you have entered to the reception staff.


  • STEP8

    Confirm the amount and tap "Pay".

    *Please note that the minimum amount for BizSPOT Pay is 50 yen (including tax), and you will be charged the minimum amount even if it is less than 50 yen (including tax).


  • STEP9

    Payment is completed.