How to Use Coupons

Before Using Coupons

  • STEP1
    STEP1 Download the app

    Please download the app first.

  • STEP2
    STEP2 Member Registration > Register Basic Information

    Go to Member Registration > My Page and enter your basic information.

  • STEP3
    STEP3 My Page > Tap Coupon

    Tap "Coupon" on My Page.

  • STEP4
    STEP4 Coupon acquisition screen

    You can select a coupon on the coupon acquisition screen.

How to use self-copy coupons

  • STEP1
    STEP1 My Page > Settings

    Tap "Settings" on "My Page".

  • STEP2
    STEP2 Various Settings > Premium Member

    Tap "Settings" > "Premium Membership".

  • STEP3
    STEP3 Present "Current Plan

    Please present the "Current Plan" on the Premium Membership registration screen.
    Regular members will receive a 20% self-copy special discount.

  • STEP4

    Premium members will receive a 50% self-copy special discount.

How to use coupons for spots

  • STEP1
    STEP1 Check-in > Tap the "Use Coupon" button

    Check in to the spot with the application.
    Tap the "Use Coupon" button on the screen during check-in.

  • STEP2
    STEP2 Select from the coupon acquisition screen

    Tap the coupon you wish to use.

  • STEP3
    STEP3 Display on the screen during check-in

    The selected coupon will be displayed at the top of the check-in screen.

  • STEP4
    STEP4 Apply the coupon at check-out

    The selected coupon will be applied at the time of check-out.

How to obtain a coupon for referring a friend

  • STEP1
    STEP1 Community

    Tap the Refer-a-Friend banner in the Community.

  • STEP2
    STEP2 Confirm and send the code

    The code displayed will be your referrer's code.
    Tap "Send Invitation Code" to send the code to your friend.

  • STEP3
    STEP3 Register the referral code

    Ask your friend to enter the referral code on the coupon screen of the application.

  • STEP4
    STEP4 Get coupon
    (Referrer and Friend)

    Coupons will be sent to your friend and referrer.
    You can check the coupon in the Coupon section of the app's My Page.

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