Q&A About the App

Q I'm not receiving the verification code via SMS during the new registration process.

A We apologize for the inconvenience, but please try the following steps. * If you have WiFi turned on, could you please try turning it off and see if it works? * Could you please check if you have any settings enabled such as "Block incoming SMS from overseas" in your SMS settings? * Are you able to receive other SMS messages? * Please check if "Show Notifications" is enabled in "Settings" > "Apps" > "BizSPOT" > "Notifications." * Please try registering again after a few days.

Q Can I change my password?

A You can change your password by accessing "My Page" -> "Settings" -> "Personal Information Settings".

Q If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it.

A Please use the "Forgot password" option on the login screen to initiate the password reset process.

Q How long does it take for identity verification to be approved after submitting the application?

A Normally, we process and approve identity verification applications within 1-2 business days after receiving the request. However, during holidays such as Bon Festival and year-end/New Year, it may take longer. Please note that there is a possibility of application rejection even if you submit the request for verification.

Q To complete the identity verification process, we require a photograph of your business card. If you don't have a business card, unfortunately, we cannot proceed with the verification using that method. However, there may be alternative methods available for identity verification. Please contact our support team for further assistance.

A Our app's community primarily focuses on business matching, and therefore, we generally recommend creating a business card if you don't already have one. However, if you are in a profession, such as a student or a homemaker, where a business card is not applicable, we request you to provide your real name and a photo of yourself along with information about your activities (such as a website or social media profiles). Students should provide a photograph of their student ID card.

Q I'm sorry to hear that you're unable to post on the bulletin board.

A Only customers who have completed the identity verification process in the app can post on the bulletin board. If you wish to use the feature, please apply for identity verification from your My Page.

Q If you are unable to withdraw from the service, please contact our customer support for further assistance.

A If you are in the following conditions, you cannot withdraw from the service. * If there are any outstanding payments, you cannot withdraw. * If you are currently checked in at a spot, you cannot withdraw. If you are unable to withdraw and none of the above applies to you, please contact the administration for further assistance.

Q If you have already withdrawn once, is it possible to re-register?

A Yes, it is possible. Please register again through the new member registration on the app.

Q What happens to the data after you unsubscribe?

A All personal information will be deleted when you unsubscribe from BizSPOT.

Q&A on Account Suspension

Q Under what circumstances does an account get suspended?

A If it is found that you have violated the following main prohibited acts and terms of use, your account may be suspended without prior notice. Please note that the decision to suspend an account is based on our own criteria, and we do not provide detailed explanations on a case-by-case basis. Agreement to Terms of Service and Major Prohibitions: * Network marketing (MLM, money games, etc.) * Directing to other SNS, messaging apps, etc. * Leading you to an online meeting out of the blue * Slandering or abusive language towards other users * One-sided sales* Soliciting for political or religious groups, etc. * Purpose of encounter with the opposite sex * Describe false content in the profile * Anti-social forces (gangs, right-wing group members and equivalent persons) * Posting adults and inappropriate images and videos * nfringement of third-party trademark rights, copyright, etc. * Use under 18 years old * Other violations of the terms of use If it is discovered that the above main prohibitions and terms of use are violated, your account will be frozen without prior notice. Please confirm before proceeding.

BizSPOT Terms of Service

Q What does "one-sided sales" mean in the context of prohibited activities and freeze targets?

A One-sided sales refers to the act of immediately proposing or pressuring someone with product offerings, regardless of whether the other party has expressed interest or not, in a situation where both parties are not familiar with each other's details. It is not considered a freeze-worthy activity to propose a product after mutual agreement and understanding have been reached through messaging exchanges.

Q What happens to personal information if an account is frozen?

A If an account remains frozen and is not reinstated, the personal information will be deleted after 90 days.

Q When an account is frozen, can the personal information be deleted immediately as well?

A If there is a request for personal information deletion, we will promptly delete it.

Q When does an online interview lead to an account freeze?

A An online interview that leads to an account freeze is applicable when someone initiates a conversation and immediately tries to "prompt for an online interview" without providing detailed information about each other or indicating the intention to have an online interview within the BizSPOT messaging system. The term "immediately" refers to the act of prompting for an online interview without prior communication about each other's details or expressing the intention for an online interview.

Q In what situations does exchanging IDs of other SNS platforms lead to an account freeze?

A Inducing or directing users to other SNS platforms immediately after exchanging messages without knowing each other's details falls under the category of freezing. Exchanging IDs of other SNS platforms after learning about the content or information related to business negotiations during message exchanges or after having an actual meeting is not subject to freezing.

Q Why was my account frozen even though I haven't had any exchanges or interactions, including messages?

A If there are violations of the terms of use in your profile or any other content beyond message exchanges, it can be subject to account freeze.

Q I have been suspended, but I assure you that I will not engage in any activities that violate the terms of service in the future. Could you please lift the suspension?

A If you can solemnly pledge not to violate the terms of service, there may be a possibility of having the freeze lifted on a one-time basis. However, please note that if the freeze was imposed due to actions that violate the law or have the potential for such violations, or if it was a result of defamation, abusive language, or similar misconduct, the freeze will not be lifted even if a pledge is made.

Q If I am frozen, what happens to my postings in the group and on the bulletin board?

A If you are frozen, your group and bulletin board postings will also be deleted.

Q If the spot is frozen, can I use it?

A In case of freezing, the application cannot be used for spots. At spots that accept in-store payment, you can use the spot by paying at the store.

Q&A about Spot Usage

Q Can I check-in to a spot immediately after installing the app?

A For regular hours, you can use the spot on the same day after downloading the application, entering your basic information, and registering your credit card. Only verified customers can use spots with late-night hours. Please allow 1-2 days on weekdays from the time of application to the time the spot becomes available for use.

Q Can I cancel immediately after checking in to my spot?

A No charge will be incurred within 5 minutes after check-in. Please proceed with the check-out process as usual.

Q I would like to know the expiration date of the half-price campaign.

A If it is within the expiration date, the expiration date will be displayed on the check-in screen.

Q I don't know how to register a refer-a-friend coupon.

A You can register your friend's coupon from the following page. My Page" > "Coupon" > "Register Coupon Code" > "Enter Coupon Code" > "Register this number" To use the coupon, tap the coupon you want to use from "Use Coupon" on the check-in screen.

Q If I enter a spot with a packaged rate, such as a 3-hour package, can I use the free coupon?

A You may use the coupon, but it is only applicable to excess charges over the packaged rate. Please note that the coupon will not be waived for use within the packaged rate.

Q I would like a receipt for spot use.

A We are happy to send you an electronic receipt by e-mail. Please try the following procedure. My Page" > "Usage History/Statement" > "Issue Receipt" *You will need to verify your email address the first time.

Q I have not received a receipt.

A Receipts are sent to your registered e-mail address. Please check your spam folder to see if your receipt has been sent to your registered e-mail address. To issue a receipt, please go to "My Page" > "Usage History/Statement" > "Issue Receipt" button after verifying your e-mail address.

Q I received a bill at check-in that was separate from the usage fee, is it being charged twice?

A A credit card credit check is performed on the plan rate selected at check-in. You will not be charged, but some credit card companies may recognize it as a charge and notify you. Please check your card statement list to be sure.

Q I used a debit card and it came at check-in separately from the usage fee, is it being charged twice?

A If you are using a debit card, the total amount of your payment may be temporarily deducted from your account at the time of credit check, but it will be refunded at a later date. Please check your card statement to be sure.

Q When I used a spot, it was marked as "pending". What should I do?

A The registered card cannot be used for some reason (expired or over the credit limit). Please register a new card from the credit card information page of "My Page" and make a payment again.

Q How can I purchase the products available at ACCEA CAFÉ (including food and beverages)?

A Tap "Shopping" on the check-in screen, scan the QR code of the product, and pay with your registered credit card.

Q&A about BizSPOT Pay (Payment at ACCEA Stores)

Q There is a "Shopping" button on the check-in screen, when do I use it?

A This can be used as payment for printing and processing services at ACCEA stores nationwide.

Q How should I use it?

A At an ACCEA store, tell the store that you are going to pay with BizSPOT. Then, tap "Shopping" on the check-in screen, scan the store's QR code, enter the amount of payment, and make your payment. For details, please Tap here. https://spot.accea.co.jp/bizspotbuy/

Q How much can I spend?

A For BizSPOT Pay settlements, the minimum spending amount is 50 yen (including tax); please note that the minimum fee will be charged even if it is less than 50 yen (including tax).

Q Are there any discounts or other benefits?

A BizSPOT Premium Members and Corporate Shared Plan holders will receive 5% off their bill with BizSPOT Pay. Please present the screen of "My Page" > "Settings" > "Premium Member" of the application at the time of checkout. Applies to in-store orders and BizSPOT Pay payments.

Q&A about Premium Membership

Q How do I apply for Premium Membership?

A Tap "Register Premium Membership" on the check-in screen of the application or in the "Settings" section. After confirming the details, Tap "Register Premium Membership" and select a payment method to complete your registration. For more details, please Tap here. https://spot.accea.co.jp/premium/

Q When will the fee be deducted?

A You will be billed on the day of registration. If you do not cancel your subscription, you will be billed a second time on the same day of the following month. If you apply for Premium Membership on March 15, you will be automatically billed on April 15 for the next installment.

Q I have already registered a credit card and am currently receiving 20% off. In this case, how long will the 50% discount last?

A The price will be half off during the remaining credit card registration campaign period from the date you register for the Premium Membership.

Q What should I do if I want to cancel?

A Tap on "Settings" and then "Premium Membership Registration". Tap on "Cancel Premium Membership" to cancel your membership.

Q When do I have to cancel by to avoid another bill?

A If the cancellation is confirmed by 23:59 on the day before the billing date, no billing will take place.

Q If I cancel my subscription, will I lose my benefits immediately?

A You can use the premium membership price for the duration of the term without next renewal.

Q Can I use this plan in conjunction with a corporate shared plan?

A You may apply at the same time, but the benefits cannot be combined.

Q Can I use this campaign in conjunction with other campaigns?

A If multiple campaigns are being applied, the largest discount rate will be applied. If you use a store with a 10% off spot use offer while the 50% off credit card registration campaign is in effect, the 50% off credit card registration campaign will be applied.

Q&A about Corporate Shared Plans

Q What is a corporate shared plan?

A The Corporate Shared Plan is a subscription service that allows all members to enjoy special benefits for 9,900 yen per month (tax included). All members will be billed together and the payment will be made by the credit card registered by the applicant.

Q How do I apply for a corporate shared plan?

A Tap "Corporate Shared Plan" on the check-in screen of the application or in the various settings. Tap "Apply for Corporate Shared Plan" after confirming the details, and select a payment method to complete registration. For details, please Tap here. https://spot.accea.co.jp/shareplan/

Q How do I add members?

A Tap "Corporate Shared Plan" on the check-in screen of the application or in the settings, then go to "Register Share Number" and enter the share number shared by the parent member. After receiving approval from the parent member, you will be added as a member.

Q Can members use the service without a registered credit card?

A Available for use. Please check in from the "Use with Corporate Shared Plan" page. Fees will be charged to the parent member.

Q Is it possible to use the service as an individual instead of a corporate shared plan?

A It is possible. When checking in to a spot, please tap "Personal Use" to check in. Fees will be charged to the credit card set up by the individual customer.

Q When will the charges be billed?

A You will be billed on the day of registration. If you do not cancel, you will be billed a second time on the same day of the following month. If you apply for the Corporate Share Plan on March 15, you will be billed automatically on April 15 for the next installment.

Q Is it possible to pay by invoice instead of credit card?

A This is possible for corporate clients who have registered account transactions with ACCEA. Please contact your local store staff or sales representative.

Q Can I use this service in conjunction with a Premium Membership?

A Tap on "Corporate Shared Plan" from the "Settings" menu. Tap on "Cancel Corporate Shared Plan" to cancel the plan.

Q&A about Premium Member Unlimited Monthly Plan

Q What is the "Premium Member Unlimited Monthly Plan"?

A The "Premium Member Unlimited Monthly Plan" is an exclusive plan for BizSPOT premium members, allowing unlimited use of a designated store as many times as you like within a month.

Q How can I use the "Premium Member Unlimited Monthly Plan"?

A The "Premium Member Unlimited Monthly Plan" is exclusive to BizSPOT premium members. If you are not yet a member, please register for a premium membership first. After that, you can apply from the detail screen of the spot where the "Premium Member Unlimited Monthly Plan" is set, or from My Page > Various Settings > Unlimited Monthly Plan > Plan List.

Q I want to cancel.

A If you wish to cancel the automatic renewal, please proceed from My Page > Various Settings > Premium Member Unlimited Monthly Plan > Usage Status by the day before the next payment date.

Q I forgot to cancel, so I want a refund of the monthly fee.

A We apologize, but please note that we cannot refund the monthly fee once the payment has been completed.

Q If I cancel, will I be unable to use the "Premium Member Unlimited Monthly Plan" immediately?

A Even if you cancel, you can use the plan until the expiration date.