BizSPOT Partnership Program
Register and List Your Coworking Space

Easily share your spaces with the BizSPOT app!

Completely Free, excluding usage fees!!!

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BizSPOT app Partnership Program

At ACCEA, we are currently seeking owners who can register and list their spaces as business spots. The best part is that there is zero initial investment! You can register and list your spot for free, without any fees for using the owner-exclusive management system. You can start with zero initial investment.

In the BizSPOT app, we register coworking spaces and cafes that can be used for work or breaks as "spots" and list them in the spot list. Why not register your spot on BizSPOT and effectively share your available space?

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット

Easy Check-in and Automated Payments with the BizSPOT App!

BizSPOT is an app that allows you to check-in automatically at spots across the country just by scanning QR codes. Making payments is also a breeze with a simple QR code scan.
* Credit card registration is required.

We accommodate the new ways of working that align with the needs of the times, and not only individuals but also many businesses are utilizing our services.

ビジネスマッチングアプリ BizSPOT ビズスポット

Strengths of the BizSPOT app

We solve the problems of owners!

  • Cannot attract customers
  • Web advertising is difficult
  • Limited budget
  • etc.Addressing the needs of new ways of working, etc.

BizSPOT can solve your problems! Why not utilize BizSPOT as a free listing and marketing tool?

  • STEP1
    Get started easily and quickly!

    You can easily apply online. After registration, you will receive a QR code that you can simply place at your reception. You can also set prices and add more locations through the dedicated management interface. With just one PC, there's no need to purchase anything new! * Your listing is subject to review and approval.

  • STEP2
    BizSPOT members will become your customers!

    We are not only used by individuals for personal use, but also by many companies as satellite offices. Additionally, our spaces are utilized by members who engage in business matching to expand their business opportunities.

  • STEP3
    Listing is free!

    There is no cost for registering a spot or using the management system interface. We only charge 20% of the usage fee when a customer uses a space through BizSPOT. There are no unnecessary running costs. * The transaction fee will be reduced to 15% for those who participate in the premium membership benefits.

Easily share your spaces with the BizSPOT app!

  • Easy implementation.

    You can easily implement it by simply installing a QR code at your store.

  • Initial cost 0 yen

    Listing spots and implementing them is completely free of charge. You can implement it with peace of mind because it's only a fee based on monthly sales.

  • System Utilization

    By simply joining the spot, you can use the payment and management systems completely free of charge.

  • Expansion of customer base.

    Since it is easy to search and use from the spot list, awareness can be raised and the customer base can be expanded without spending much money. In addition, since the service is based on ACCEA CAFÉ and ACCEA stores that are used for business scenes, it is easier to attract customers.

  • Improved convenience.

    The ability to easily make payments with the app increases convenience and leads to customer retention. At the ACCEA CAFÉ Shin-Osaka ekimae branch front store, the app usage rate exceeded 70% within one month of introduction.

Registration Process for Spot Listings



Q What kind of space can I list?

A You can list spaces such as coworking spaces, cafes, hotels, and any other environments where customers can work. Please note that there is a screening process for listing.

Q Are there any requirements for listing a space?

A We review the following items as mandatory requirements.

  • Must have a desk and chair to work at.
  • All seats must have at least one power supply per seat.
  • Must have Wi-Fi environment.

Q How long does it take from application to completion of the screening process?

A It takes about 3 business days from the application to complete the screening process.

Q How do I register my space information?

A After the screening process is complete, we will provide you with the management screen. Please enter your own information from there.

Q What should I do if I don't know how to operate the management screen?

A We will send you an instruction manual about the listing along with the management screen, so please check it there. If you still cannot resolve the issue, please contact the management office.

Q How much does it cost to list a space on BizSPOT?

A BizSPOT does not charge any listing fees. It is completely free to list any number of spaces. We only charge a 20% commission fee when a customer uses your space through the BizSPOT app. (* The commission fee will be reduced to 15% for premium members).

Q How can I receive payment for the space usage fee?

A We will transfer the usage fee to the account you provided us at the time of application. The fees will be calculated until the end of the month and payment will be made by the end of the following month.

Q What should I do if I want to quit the listing?

A First, please turn off the display to the BizSPOT application on the management screen and notify the Management Office.